Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are available?

CAD Basic and Professional, Engineering Design and Warehouse Automation

How long is the duration of a course?

Our complete course is 8 weeks, 2 days per week, 8 hours a week.

When does a course begin?

The course timetable is shown after a course is selected on the Pricing page.

What are the available jobs for someone who has a CAD certificate?

Mechanical Design Engineer
CAD Engineer
Structural Design Engineer
BIM Design Technician
Electrical Design Engineer
Architectural Technician

What is design engineering and what can I do with that?

Design Engineering is a combination of computing, mathematics, human factors and engineering principles that focuses on scientific design. At Runic we cover subjects such as mechanics, system design, mechatronics and data science which is valuable in areas such as the Internet of Things, robotics, product design and industrial design, allowing the candidate to specialise in an area of interest.

What is Automation engineering?

Automation is the application of engineering principles to develop an efficient system of operation. Runic’s Warehouse automation course focuses on the optimisation of product workflow in the warehouse by applying mechanised systems  to provide efficiency.

What jobs are available for someone who does automation engineering?

Applications Engineer
Mechanical Design Engineer
Sales Engineer
Industrial Controls Engineer

What courses should one take in order to be job-ready in design engineering?

Understanding the fundamentals is important, Runic’s CAD Basic and CAD Professional course will give the candidate an in-depth knowledge and understanding on applying engineering principles.

Do you offer job attachments after one completes a course?

Runic is currently working with companies to provide internships and  apprenticeship schemes.

What are the requirements for enrolling in a course? Which qualifications/ experience do you need to start this course?

No prior knowledge is required however a foundation in engineering/science is advantageous.

Is it worth applying for more than one course on the programme?

Runic’s bundle courses provide a cost-effective approach to getting the most out of our program.

How much flexibility is there?

The programme is available on a standalone or bundles depending on the candidate’s requirement.

The courses are available for 2 sessions in a day. You can either pick the morning or evening session depending on your availability.

How will you learn? split between lectures, tutorials and self-directed study?

The course will be taught by a certified trainer using a learn-by-doing method. It will be split between practical tutorials with the trainer, exercise during and after the course and a specified self-study plan depending on your chosen course.

What size are the classes? How many places are available and how many applicants are competing for them? How many students will be on the course? Is there any one-on-one?

25 persons per class, availability is based on booking via our purchasing on Runic’s website. A one month 1-1 sessions are available post completion of the course.

What have previous students gone on to do after graduating? Employability? Your career prospects - what happens after? How will the course make you more employable?

At Runic, our mission is to create industry-ready candidates which enhances their career prospects within industrial engineering. Some of the potential careers are:
Applications Engineer
Mechanical Design Engineer
Sales Engineer
Industrial Controls Engineer

How is the course taught? What will the course be like? (lectures, seminars, tutorials, practicals?) What is the balance between practice and theory?

Runic Provides a world-class virtual class where we support candidates throughout the course. The combination of lectures and a series of hands-on problem-solving training will provide a real-world experience within the industry.

What will it cost?

Please visit the Runic Website for all our course prices and bundles.

What is the application process?

Please visit Runic’s website and purchase any of the courses or bundles of interest. Follow the prompts to guide you through the application process. A member of our team will also get in contact a week before the course begins.